Kids Pony Parade in 1930s Bad Axe Michigan


Pony Parade in Bad Axe Michigan
Pony Parade in Front of Garber Buick in Bad Axe MI

This shot was found in a stack of digital shots from our research. It appears to be a pony parade taken in Bad Axe, Michigan, in the 1930s. 

The Garber Buick Company

In the background, it shows the Garber Buick Company dealership. Its founder, Guy Garber, was an automotive pioneer. At age 23, Guy was mentored by Billy Durant, founder of General Motors. Durant asked Guy to organize a retail network, opening dealerships in Battle Creek and Saginaw. In 1910, Buick withdrew from the Saginaw market, and Guy, along with a partner, bought Buick’s interest, establishing Garber Buick Company. Bad Axe.

Flannery Buys Out Garber

In 1938 Guy Flannery bought the Bad Axe dealership. After World War II, Flannery's son, Mark, joined his dad to run the dealership as Flannery and Sons. The pair sold both the Buick and Pontiac brands. 

Both families, Garber and Flannery, are still operating auto dealerships in Michigan. Guy Garber passed away in 1965.

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