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Steamship City of Detroit III - A Floating Masterpiece

One of the Largest Sidewheel Steamships on the Great Lakes
In Thumbwind's popular post;  Great Lakes Cruising History – Luxurious Times, it pointed out that by the 1870s competition was forcing shipping  companies to go beyond the bare bones of transport and create an experience for the travelling passenger or tourist. By the early 1900s the golden era of steamship travel was in full swing and the race to put larger ships into service was evident.
The City of Detroit III was part of the Detroit & Cleveland Steamboat Line. The steamer was designed and built in 1911 by Frank E. Kirby. Kirby was considered  the greatest naval architect of the Great Lakes. Called the "D-3" the ship operated from May 1912 until 1950.

The ship was built by the Detroit Shipbuilding Company in Wyandotte, Michigan and launched on Oct. 7, 1911. Costing an estimated $1.5 million, ($32m today) it was the largest paddle wheel ship on the Great Lakes at the time.  Standing over 50 feet high with …

President Nixon Visits Bad Axe Michigan, April 10, 1974

President Richard Visit to Michigan's Thumb During the Spring of 1974 the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover-up was still unfolding but yet to fully engulf the nation. However, the break-in was in the news and the President wanted to hit the road with a campaign day. A special election was to be held for a House seat pitting popular Republican James M. Sparing against Democrat J. Bob Traxler in Michigan's Eighth Congressional District. It was an opportunity for some good news that Nixon was desperate for. 
The trip started in Saginaw and then crossed the Thumb with stops in Bad Axe, Cass City and Sandusky. The New York Times coverage of the event describe the crowds as curious and numbering in the several thousand as the President spoke at each stop.
This Diary of events comes from the Nixon Presidential Library in California.
April 10th 1974 9:12 am - The President went to the South Grounds of the White House.

9:16 am - The President flew by helicopter from the South Gr…

Two Views of Cass City in 1930 & 2020 - A Transition of Time

Two Views of Cass City This amazing west-facing view of Cass City Road in Cass City has stayed somewhat unchanged for the past 90 years. Some of the buildings remain, many have been remodeled. However, the ornate trim and front facades and balconies are long gone.

The New Sheridan Hotel The three-story building on the left was the Sheridan Hotel built-in 1895 by Michael Sheridan. It was considered a skyscraper in its day. Constructed of iron, brick, and glass and topped with a distinctive "witches cap". This Victorian-era structure was a common project in successful smaller towns across America and it was a point of pride for the residents of Cass City.