Brenke Fish Ladder in Lansing Michigan

The Brenke Fish Ladder 

Brenke Fish Ladder
Brenke Fish Ladder Spillway

What is A Fish Ladder

A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, provides an easy route for migrating fish past a particular obstruction on the river. Designs vary depending on the obstruction, river flow, and species. The ladder contains a series of ascending pools that are reached by swimming against a stream of water. Fish leap through the cascade of rushing water, rest in a pool, and repeat the process until they are out of the ladder.

The Brenke Fish Ladder was built in 1981 to help fish swimming up the Grand River pass the dam without injury. The fish ladder is a peaceful place to visit along the river. You can always catch fishermen along the riverside of the ladder catching catfish, carp, sunfish, and other smaller species of fish that inhabit the Grand River.