Impact of Great Lakes Diversions On Water Levels

When it comes to the Great Lakes region's value to the United States and Canadian economies, i ts impact cann ot be understated. Without a  viable and healthy Great Lakes, the economies of the two countries would suffer.  Freight, iron ore, agricultural products, and other cargo shipped on the Great Lakes in 2017 were valued at $15.2 billion.  The Great Lakes shipping industry supported 237,868 U.S. and Canadian jobs and generated $35 billion in economic activity. Over $14.2 billion in total personal wage and salary income and local expenditures. Over $8 billion in local purchases.  $6.6 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenue. Jobs attributed directly to shipping and transiting the binational St. Lawrence Seaway waterway and lock system supported 92,661 U.S. and Canadian jobs and $12.9 billion in economic activity. The Soo Locks, which connect Lake Superior with the lower four Great Lakes, supported 123,172 jobs in the U.S. and Canada and $22.6 billion in economic activit

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